The Chakra Elves on the Shelf

chakra elves

By now, everyone knows Chakra had a couple visitors this month. Carole and Carl, the Elves on the Shelf were fascinating additions to the office. Upon arrival, they were quite impressive with business cards and a cover letter – they even brought coffee for the team.

But we soon realized: although first impressions say a lot, they don’t necessarily say everything…


From there, the mischief continued.


And it only got worse.


We’re not exactly sure how two little elves could get themselves into so much trouble.


Or where they found the materials to go on a leisurely camping trip complete with fishing and roasting marshmallows:



But Carole and Carl had their moments. Like when they welcomed our friend Cyriac from Mumbai to the office!


Or when they got trapped in the fridge and we couldn’t help but feel bad for them because, in that moment, we realized they were kind of cute.


And totally in love.


But then they ate all of the desserts from our Holiday Bake-Off. What it resulted in wasn’t ideal…


And finally, it was time for Carole and Carl to fly back to the North Pole in this hot air balloon constructed of a Tim Hortons cup and two balloons.


Their time here was short but they created a lasting memory. Every morning, there was a certain excitement felt throughout the office, ready to learn what trouble Carole and Carl had gotten themselves into overnight. With all the laughs and speechless moments, we’ll sure miss these two here at Chakra Communications.

Carole and Carl

The Elves on the Shelf

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