Social Media

Social Media

Outbound Strategy

What is it?

The use of digital platforms for marketing has become more and more relevant as time goes on. Social media marketing is the use of a platform such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram to promote your company. Your content should be unique and reflect your brand’s personality.

What are the benefits?

  • Quick and Efficient
  • Targets intended customer
  • Increases Website Traffic
  • Promotes brand awareness

How it is monitored:

Social Media Marketing is measured by the number of active followers your page has. Posts can be “boosted” on social media to a certain demographic, and allows you to view link clicks, post views, and more.

We can help you achieve these results by working
closely with your marketing department or by
customizing a compelling campaign for you.

Our Chakra team can take your
strategies and turn them into tangible
sales and marketing initiatives