RICOH Printer Capabilities


Chakra is excited to share the arrival of our latest “team member.” We recently upgraded one of our printer systems and are now enjoying the brand-new RICOH Pro 7100 color printer. Along with that unmistakable new-printer smell, the RICOH Pro 7100 can print almost anything you can dream up, from 13 x 19.2 inch sheets, to 49.5 inch banners, to the smallest 4 x 5.5 inch envelopes. Its capabilities make it the premier large-scale color printer on the market today and it is now available to Chakra clients for all of their printing needs.


While most printers are equipped for a four-color print output, the RICOH boasts a five-color capability which allows for printing specialty colors including clear, white, neon pink, neon yellow, and invisible red. Invisible red is most often used for items such as tickets or coupons and can only be seen under a black light. It’s a great option for organizations hoping to ensure a verifiable print piece that cannot be counterfeited. Additionally, we look forward to the release of gold and silver colors in the near future- hopefully right in time for the holiday season. These are options you won’t find available in many other print and marketing agencies.


The benefits of the RICOH Pro continue with unparalleled efficiency thanks to a vacuum fed source tray feeding up to 90 sheets-per-minute. It also has the ability to print stocks up to 360 GSM, labels, and transparencies.


Whether you’re interested in a custom banner, invitations, specialty printed envelopes, decals or window displays, Chakra’s RICOH Pro 7100 can handle the job. Working in conjunction with our existing RICOH C5100, we can have your project completed quickly and beautifully for an affordable price.


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Posted on September 5, 2018 in Printing & Logistics

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