Immersive Marketing Through Virtual Reality

By: Jill Ahrens
October 2, 2019

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a relatively new technology that an estimated 75 percent of large businesses have already started to implement into their marketing plans. Virtual reality offers the opportunity for consumers to experience a product or service before making the decision to purchase. This makes it a valuable marketing tool in order to increase trust between a business and their consumers.

Virtual reality rose to popularity mainly through the entertainment and video game industry. It allows a person to experience another world or dimension through digital simulation. This simulation usually involves VR glasses or goggles. Additionally, these glasses allow the wearer to view and explore three dimensional objects through imaging, sound, and video technology.


How is it used in Marketing?

  • Outdoor: Outdoor apparel businesses have utilized VR technology to simulate the usage of their equipment in real outdoor conditions.
  • Tourism: Travel agencies have started to utilize VR as a way to promote certain destinations to their customers. This experience allows individuals to virtually experience a place before deciding on a destination.
  • Cars: The car industry started to introduce opportunities to test drive cars using VR through mobile app usage and goggles.
  • Medical: Medical fields can use VR for virtually training surgeons without the risk of doing any real damage.
  • How-to videos: VR has also been implemented for easy how-to demonstrations for complicated and hard-to-assemble products. It allows clients to virtually build products before doing it in real-time.

There are opportunities for virtual reality in almost every company. VR allows customers to “experience” new products, events, and life experiences without purchasing them first. It is a flexible asset and is usable for most industries. There are almost endless possibilities for creating virtual realities, which makes it extremely valuable for marketers.