Our Story

10 years ago, we were mulling over the name of this exciting new company we were about to build. We were determined to find a name that was philosophically aligned with who we were going to be and not necessarily what we were going to do. We knew then that our deliverables would inescapably change over time, but our genetic code had to be like granite, impervious to the inclement business weather we were sure to encounter as a startup. It needed to be modern in theory and application, but ancient in its philosophy, with values so complex that they were simple.

Chakra – noun. A Sanskrit word meaning wheel, signifying the seven spinning energy centers in the body, considered the loci of life energy.

We were drawn to the many parallels. Balance between product and service lines, alignment between organizational divisions, harmony between our clients, associates and partners. We were was also drawn to the circular geometry and how it would drive one of our cornerstones of excellent client service. Rather than the traditional pyramidical organizational hierarchy structure, we adopted a circular one, where we all exist on concentric circles supporting those on concentric circles around us. It is within our mission to provide support and resources to our associates who surround us until we reach our clients on the outermost concentric circle. Thus, we indirectly and directly all focus on and support our clients. This outward looking model has proven to be instrumental in building strong and lasting relationships and will always be relevant irrespective of what we do.

That was ten years ago. Since then, we continue to build an agile marketing production company aligned with strong values and ethics. We nurture relevancy and create recurring value. We do our best work in a collaborative environment, are heavily vested in contributing to the success of our clients and are passionate about providing the highest levels of client service. And we do our best to be responsible corporate citizens giving back to the Western New York community as often as we can.

We have refreshed our brand after a decade to better reflect modern design and branding trends. Our new logo is representative of the all important 5th chakra, the highest of the spiritual chakras and the voice of the body.

10 years have gone by in a flash. We are buoyed by the confirmations from our clients about who we are, what we do and how we do it. And we are energized by the fact, that unlike seasonal management theories, our vision and strategy on day one continue to be hugely relevant, firmly in place and our driving force today.

Exciting things are coming from Chakra. Stay tuned…


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