How do I reach Chakras HelpDesk Team?

If you are having an issue, we strongly encourage you to use one of the following methods to insure the most expedient response to your situation.

By E-mail:

This will automatically create a support ticket, alert HelpDesk Team Members and route your information to them.

By Phone: 716-505-7330

Available 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday (except holidays)

*For URGENT off hour assistance, our voicemail will direct you to the on call HelpDesk Team Member


How do I find the details about my computer that Chakras HelpDesk team may need?

You can visit support details and it will provide you with some basics that can be helpful for us to know as we try to resolve your issue.


How do I manage the amount of storage I’m using?

You must remove or delete the message from the online server. This can be done through your email client (such as Outlook) or by logging into the Webmail system.

Using Email Program : Please note that deleting e-mail messages from your Outlook or other e-mail program does not delete messages from the server unless you have specifically configured your email program to do so. It is recommended that e-mail users configure their e-mail program to “download” your e-mails and only keep messages on the server for a specific number of days.

Using WebMail : Users can log into your Webmail account (using Internet Explorer or other Internet browser) to manually delete messages. Please remember to also “Empty the Trash Folder” when you finish deleting messages to insure they are permanently deleted from the server.



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