Facebook Live: A New Era of Marketing

By: Jill Ahrens
September 2, 2019

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a video platform that allows any Facebook user to share live videos with their followers. Other users can like, comment, and share these videos, providing an easy and sharable way to promote a product or business.

How can it be beneficial for my company?

Live video promotions are quickly becoming a trendy and effective outlet for digital marketers.  These videos often receive three times the views as traditional videos on Facebook.  They are also beneficial by associating your brand with a friendly face and personality.  Additionally, they give potential customers the opportunity for live Q&A without setting up meetings or calls.

How can I use it to promote my business?

Facebook Live is versatile and useful for a variety of promotions.  Promoting your video before it airs is helpful, so your followers know when to log on. Additionally, you can broadcast events that your followers could not attend live, promote upcoming events, or share industry updates. Also, you can use it to showcase your company culture to potential and current clients, or even provide clients with how-to videos involving your product or service.

Chakra can help you promote!

If Facebook Live sounds like a good way to promote your business, Chakra can help you.  We provide professional videography to ensure quality broadcasting and sound, along with breakdown of viewer results. Our professionals can help you with topic generation and content review. We will also provide you with an edited version of your full live video for your usage.