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Chakra Communications Client Questionnaire

Our Client questionnaire will facilitate our understanding of your current challenges as well as the specific areas your company excels in.

All information shared by the Client will be completely confidential.

This Client questionnaire is a vital marketing analysis tool. It not only helps us eliminate any grey areas in our Client’s social media marketing strategies but also prompts us towards ways in which these strategies could be managed and modified.

The more information you provide, the better we can analyze and prepare effective SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Management) strategies for your business.

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Services demanded by your Customers?

What goal is your Customer trying to achieve by using your services?

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Competition and positioning:

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How is your company different or better suited for clients, as compared to your competitors?

Sales/Marketing overview

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What is your target location? (International, national, regional, state, local)

What does your sales and lead generation look like?

Social Media Overview

Which social media channels are you currently using? (Please provide us the URLs and the login details)

Primary reason for using social media:

Goals or targets to be achieved by using social media:

What areas in social media are presently doing well for you?

What areas could do better?

What kind of content supports your social marketing media mission? (topics, messages, etc.)

Current posting strategy (frequency of posts):

What is the general tone of your posts? (educational, informative, serious, casual, professional or other)

Recent Marketing Initiatives

Please provide us with the recent activities done by the company, i.e. launch of a new product/service, any discount offers or any added privileges for the customers.

Please provide us with any events or news that the company will be conducting or participating in.

Please provide us with any Articles or Press Releases that you have already published.

Please provide us with links to any blogs that you operate/run to help us promote them and create a buzz with effective communication.

Please provide us with links to any blogs/websites that the company, product or service is mentioned in.

Please list any specific or new product that you would like to push on social media.

Sharing and Collaboration:

Please provide us with the links to any websites that you follow/subscribe to for your interest. This will help us share relevant content and articles on your page.

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