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Chakra Communications Client Questionnaire

Congratulations! You have taken the critical and most important step towards improving the performance of your website. Below is the information required to formulate a customized plan to optimize your website and conduct detailed keyword research. This would in turn enable us to identify which search phrases are being used by your clients out of roughly 3.5 billion searches per day.

Contact information and company details:

Company Name and Brands (required)

Official Website URL

Contact Person Name & Designation

Email (required)

Phone (Office)

Phone (Mobile)


Company Address (Complete Physical Address)

Company Establishment Year

Company Working Hours (If Applicable)

No. of Employees


Please describe your business (in 100 words):

What are you trying to accomplish with this SEO campaign? (Examples – better organic rankings, improve your web presence, online reputation, online brand value, better organic traffic etc.)

What is the main objective of your website – to provide information, to generate sales leads (service based website), newsletter sign up, sell products directly (e-commerce website)?

Is your site currently using any web statistics software? If yes, what is the username and password? (Example: Google Analytics). Your previous website data from these analytics software will help us in our SEO strategies.

Target Market & Audience:

What is the main targeted product, service or solution to be pushed through this campaign?

Do you market yourself worldwide, nationally or just locally? What is your core target location (geographic) for this campaign? (list all your target locations/ target markets)

What does your target audience look like? Who are you trying to communicate with? (Be as specific as possible)

Do you have a list of keywords you would like us to focus for this campaign? Please list them here:


Who are your main on-line and off-line competitors?

Past SEO and SEM Work:

Was SEO or SEM ever performed on your website? If yes, please provide details here along with all the relevant reports. Also please mention the impact of that work on your organic rankings and traffic.

Access Details:

Do you want us to make SEO changes on the website? If yes, then please provide the following details:

Hosting Control Panel Login Details:

Admin/ CMS Login Details:

FTP Login Details:

Database Login Details:

Details required for press release promotion, Google maps/Google local listing & other off-page link building activities

What is your business/brand name? Please be sure to mention it accurately as it will work as “local citation”

Please provide us contact person/representative’s name & designation. The name and designation of contact person or the representative will appear in the press release and in online business profile listings or online business local listings websites. Ideally this would be the marketing/ sales person.

What are your hours of business operations? (Applicable only for businesses with fixed hours of operations)

How many employees do you employ?

Please share any other ideas, comments or questions:

Thank you for taking the time to complete our client questionnaire!