Internet Marketing Services in Buffalo, NY

Internet marketing is one of the many aspects of digital marketing.  Internet marketing is all about gaining traffic from relevant and useful search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing through both paid and unpaid efforts. This part of digital marketing is important in order to build both your company and brand story effectively. At Chakra Communications, located in Buffalo, NY, we offer many services to aid your company in its digital marketing efforts.

Chakra Communications offers services that include but are not limited to:

  • Search engine optimization: earning traffic organically through unpaid efforts.
  • Search engine marketing: buying traffic through paid search efforts.
  • Pay per click advertising: paying per click to be positioned alongside organic searches.
  • Reputation management: influencing and controlling your brand’s online reputation.
  • Social media and content marketing: creating original posts and content for social media, websites and blogs.

Each of these services are done with your company and your success in mind. We pride ourselves in our quality work and care for our clients. We listen, learn and work hard to get the results you want. Therefore, with a diverse range of clients from Buffalo, NY and beyond, Chakra Communications has the dense knowledge and broad skillset needed to build and manage a successful internet marketing campaign for your business.

Once we take time to understand your business and assessing your goals, values and needs, we will develop an online campaign with a strategy and necessary tactics in order to achieve those goals. Our work will allow your website to attract quality traffic, which will transform into clients. Our team at Chakra Communications will listen to you, learn from you and help you build your brand by telling its story.

Once the campaign is in effect, we will track and measure your internet marketing traffic and return on investment. As we work, we will learn and develop your campaign as it changes and grows.

As a client of Chakra Communications, we promise quality work, an understanding of your business and constant communication. Transparency and client satisfaction is a must. Making your brand succeed is our top priority.