A lot of companies think millennials are unicorns—interesting, magical and incredibly rare to attract. They may be cool, and they may hold the most buying power out of any generation, but getting millennials to be loyal to your brand is quite simple.

But we didn’t say it wasn’t scary. Stay with the metaphor for a little longer.

The path to the unicorn is through a terrifying, dark forest filled with the unknown. Monsters like authenticity, vulnerability, maybe even judgement have been said to loom in the darkest corners of the forest. You’ve heard rumors of others venturing out only for them to never return. It’s not worth it. You accept the fact that you will never reach the unicorn simply because you fear the unknown.

But what happens if you embrace the unknown? If you’re authentic and honest? No, you won’t know until you try it, but that’s how millennials choose the brands in which their loyalty lies.

Millennials can see right through advertising. It has incredibly little effect on them. They’d prefer to see a brand for what it really is—its values and beliefs. They want to see a personality, and authentic side of your brand.

So how do you do this?

Interacting with your consumers on social media is a powerful tactic. It reminds them that there are people behind your brand just like them. Reply to posts (good and bad) and join in conversations using a voice that reflects your brand. Be careful choosing the voice—is your brand cool, serious, quirky, romantic, funny? Pick a trait and run with it. Be a friend to millennials. You’ll gain more recognition than you would if you pushed sales and promotions down people’s Twitter feeds.

Millennials respect brands that have social responsibility. Whether your company is large or small, doing your part to make your community better is a big selling point for our unicorns.

If this scares you, take your time. Figure out what it is your brand stands for—this is not what your company is selling. Your brand should stand for something intangible like happiness, imagination or playfulness. Once you know what your brand is all about, show everyone that you’re not afraid to be yourself, make mistakes and have fun doing it.

We have a team of savvy unicorns millennials right here at Chakra and would love to help you get started on your approach. Contact us today.