Before you start building your website and driving those sales, you’re going to need to do some brand soul-searching. Deciding what your brand is and what you’re all about is the first step to creating your eCommerce website.

Define your brand’s personality. When people think of your company, what do you want them to associate it with? Is your company quirky, cool, creative, motivational? Come up with that one intangible message you want people to learn just by visiting your website.

Once you’ve decided what your company is, it’s time to transform it visually. Store ambience isn’t limited to buildings. Shopping is an experience, no matter what. Creating a design that speaks to your business and finding the right imagery to create your visual identity are the next steps. Whether that’s you, a friend or our in-house photographer here at Chakra, you want your images to be eye catching. The way your website looks will either bring in traffic or scare it away. Be sure to do the former.

Once you have the visuals of your business laid out, it’s time to think about the essentials. Things like an about page, terms and conditions, confirmation email content, and contact information are essential to creating a fluid eCommerce model and strong customer service. Before customers buy anything, they want to know who and where they’re buying from.

Like in every decision you make, always ask yourself, “Is this who we are as a company?” Every time you add something to your site, make sure it reflects your company’s personality, values and beliefs.

After you’ve taken these first steps in creating your eCommerce site, it’s time to get to work. Contact Chakra today for all of your website design and development needs.