“Brand” and “business.” Two words everyone knows all too well. People say them every day, often interchanging them so they mean the same thing. It’s so easy to do since they are the same thing, right?

Unfortunately, wrong. This is an etymological crime.

Although similar, a brand and a business should never be treated the same way. They’re two different entities that, together, make up so much more than they could ever be on their own. You may have a successful business while your brand is failing, or even vice versa, however rare.

It’s been said that a brand is what your business offers beyond a product or service; feelings, moods or experiences. Once consumers perceive your business to be something more than just a product or service, you have a brand.

How does one create this feeling beyond the basic interworking of a business? To start, ask yourself, what am I really selling? Am I selling insurance or peace-of-mind? Am I selling cars or adventure?

Once you find the answer to this and you know just what it is you want your brand to become, the next step is to incorporate this into everything you do as a business. If you’re selling that sense of adventure, adventure needs to be instilled in your business every day. From your social media presence to interacting with customers to direct mail; always ask yourself what you’re selling.

Branding can be a difficult thing to accomplish on your own. When you’re busy running your business, thinking about selling anything other than your primary product or service might be the last thing on your mind. That’s why Chakra is here to help. With our branding capabilities, we can help you create that idea of adventure, happiness, peace-of-mind; whatever you want your customers to think of when they think of your business.

Be more than a business. Be a brand. Ask Chakra about our branding services today.