Content is king! Yeah, yeah, everyone knows that…

It’s incredibly true that without good content, you don’t have much. However, producing great work doesn’t mean you’ll get the engagement you want, which is a discouraging reality. But don’t be discouraged until you’ve tried these content marketing tactics.

Use simple language. It’s been scientifically proven that simple language can encourage people to truly read, retain and act upon a piece of writing. Stray away from the passive tense, and avoid using words that have over three syllables. You might feel silly dumbing down your writing, but for readability, it’s actually a smart move.

Don’t be afraid to leave your industry. Once in a while, posting things that don’t relate to your regular content shows that you’re a human with other interests. Take a day to post about another passion or interest, you might get some surprising responses.

Inspire people by being yourself. Every time you post something, your goal should be to make people’s lives better. That could mean a lot of things, but always having an intent is important whether you’re teaching, motivating or informing.

Remember that a small reach is sometimes better than a massive one. If you have a smaller reach with high engagement, that’s better than simply showing up on hundreds of Twitter feeds. The goal is to get people to join you, not scroll over you.

Try different formats. Maybe try something new like a video or a podcast. It breaks up the monotony of reading and attracts people’s attention when they’re scrolling. You also might find that one medium is better than another.

Have fun. Your followers can tell when you like what you’re doing. So don’t stress; speak your mind and get creative. Often times we get so worked up about views, retweets and comments that we forget why we started in the first place. Don’t forget why you love what you do. Think about it any time you start to have doubts. Your audience is there—you just have to believe it.

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