You’ve probably overheard millennials shrieking about their Twitter followers, Instagram likes and hashtags while you sit in a restaurant enjoying time with family or friends. Or you attend a concert, and it seems like everyone around you is experiencing the show through their phone screens. Funny, because the live band is playing right in front of you.

It’s easy to become frustrated by these #coolkids. Why can’t they just live in the moment?

The thing is, rollin’ with the cool kids might not be a bad idea. Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can make a big difference in your business.

But why would my business need social media?

People are more likely to trust a business with a strong social media presence than a weak one. With a creative and interesting social media presence, you’re increasing awareness by engaging current clients while also attracting prospective clients. Imagine connecting with all of those millennials who were at the concert.

But millennials aren’t my target audience.

Glad you brought that up. Millennials aren’t the only people on social media. According to Fast Company, people 45-54 years old have been the fastest growing demographic on Facebook and Twitter since 2013.

Our point is: cool kids come in all ages.

My business already uses social media.

It probably does, but are you getting the most out of it? How do you track your results? Is your social media presence really bringing business in the door? How do you know? Chakra not only knows how to bring these results, but we promise them. With creative content, a consistent voice that reflects your brand, and monthly reports, we will constantly tailor your social media campaign to be as successful as possible. And even when we hit success, we keep going.

Guess that makes us cool kids, too. 

“The quality and timelessness of their work along with their ability to be a full marketing service provider has allowed us at Costanzo’s Bakery to focus on what we do best.”

                                                                                                                   — George Martone, Costanzo’s Bakery

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