There’s a lot that goes into how quickly, carefully and cost-effectively your valuable product travels from your door to your customer’s. The efficiency of your shipping can demonstrate your level of commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Avoiding a few of these common shipping pitfalls can help improve your customer experience and save you valuable time and money:

1. Insufficient Shipping Options
In order to offer free shipping, companies may choose to leave out some of the convenient yet pricier options. Customers in a hurry may turn elsewhere so let them decide what option best fits their needs.

2. Poor Packing
You put an endless amount of care into the products you develop, why compromise that with the wrong size package? Quint Marini, package engineering manager at UPS explains the importance of choosing the right shipping container for your product, “The structural integrity of a box breaks down by 50 percent after a single shipment, making it less able to protect what’s inside.”

3. Guesstimating Your Costs
It’s easy to guesstimate the shipping costs over the phone or via email when you get a last minute order from a client. A lot can go wrong with this strategy. Take the time to research the shipment cost so you’re not left with any surprises at the 11th hour.

4. Failure to Connect Your Website with Your Supply Chain
As your business and shipping volume grows, it’s important that your website software keep pace. Offer your customers features like the ability to calculate shipping rates and tracking. Great visibility will also help improve the accuracy of your customer service and fulfillment processes within your company.

For many companies, shipping is the backbone of your business. Chakra’s Printing and Logistics experts can help you avoid common shipping mistakes and determine which shipping options make the most sense for your company.