It is the time of year for selecting gifts for your clients, vendors and employees as a way of showing appreciation. Separate yourself from other gift givers and select unique items that will resonate and demonstrate how much they mean to you and your business.

According to Ad Specialties Institute’s Corporate Spending survey, the main goal of giving gifts to customers is to express appreciation (86%) and for relationship development (69%), as well as to generate goodwill and increase company awareness.

Chakra’s team can help you choose the perfect client gift by focusing on details such as presentation, customization and lasting impressions. Here are some tips to help you thank your clients during this holiday season:

Make it personal
Just like when you shop for a gift for your loved ones, a gift will mean so much more to the recipient if you’ve given it some thought. You probably know a lot about your clients. What interests does the client have? Does the client engage in any hobbies? What food do they like to eat? A personal gift shows the client that your company cares by paying attention to the details.

Be Original
There are lots and lots of options available. Consider how you can stand out by selecting something that is different. Perhaps a twist on an old favorite, such as a tin of spicy popcorn vs. traditional butter popcorn? Or think utility, such a desk cell phone holders and portable and solar powered mobile device chargers.

Create a Memorable Presentation
Presentation is almost as important as the gift itself. Gifts should be nicely wrapped and delivered in person or with a handwritten note whenever possible. If personal delivery isn’t possible, then it should be shipped in a way so that the wrapping is not crushed or ruined along the way.

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