Digital Signage LocationWhen it comes to digital signage, the one thing businesses overlook is placement. There are many elements to your digital signage location that can affect engagement (or even just visibility in general). Here are some tips to ensure you’ve chosen the best location for your digital sign.

Keep everything eye-level. Placing your digital signage between 5 and 6 ft. from the ground is a comfortable height that will be easy for people to read.

Put your digital signage in places people are standing around. Elevators, waiting rooms and bus stops are pretty boring places, which makes them the perfect place for your digital sign. The vibrant images and content you create will brighten up the dullest of places.

Don’t place digital signage on a door. Think about it; when you walk into a building, what are the odds you’ll look at the sign on the door or window? It’s just not a natural place to stop. If you place your digital signage on a door, your message will most likely be overlooked. Instead, keep the signage inside, about 10 ft. from the door. That way, people will eye it before even walking in.

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