Chakra is proud to partner with Delaware North on the launch kit releasing their new global brand identity.

The kits were designed with the goal of announcing the rebranding to all Delaware North associates. Capturing the excitement of the highly anticipated launch, the kits encourage recipients to promote the new identity to Delaware North associates, clients, partners and customers. Contents of the launch kits presented to Delaware North associates included business cards with the new brand, a business card holder, note pads, and blue and green M&Ms to introduce the new brand colors.

In addition to collaborating with the Digital Marketing Department at Delaware North, Chakra managed all the components of the kit’s production from recommendation of packaging and recycled paper stock to assembling and fulfillment. Our Client Services and production team worked closely with Delaware North to develop a thorough understanding of their goals and objectives to apply the appropriate processes and techniques for their production and distribution needs. From our facilities in Lancaster, NY the kit was assembled and delivered on time.

Chakra currently provides varied marketing solutions to Delaware North. Chakra also manages all of the printing and production of a wide variety of materials for Delaware North including food and beverage menus for units nationwide, training materials for the US, UK and Australian subsidiaries, as well as corporate collateral such as business cards, note pads and other marketing materials and corporate merchandise.  In an effort to improve brand management, Chakra has provided Delaware North with a corporate collateral online store, serving as a central ordering hub for standard and customized print collateral for all of their US, UK and Australian locations. This has provided Delaware North the ability to offer custom marketing material to their associates quickly and seamlessly.

The new brand identity is reflective of Delaware North’s passion in delighting their guests and their strong foundation and commitment to partnership. We’re proud of our contribution to this important rebranding initiative.


– Launch Kit (Business Cards, Note Pads, Corporate Merchandise)
– Delaware North Corporate Collateral Online Store


Client Response

Thanks to the Chakra team for your assistance in our rebranding initiative. All items look great and your team did a wonderful job in the production and procurement of contents and assembly of the boxes.  We can hardly wait to deliver them to our associates.

Thanks again for your patience, commitment to the project and all the great advice you offered along the way.  This has been a great experience. We are truly lucky to have Chakra as a partner.

Services Provided

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