Okay, we lied. In part one of the crash course, we said Twitter was the Megaladon of social media. Although it’s highly subjective, Facebook is actually the Megaladon. (Sorry for all the Shark Week references. It’s not Shark Week, but using Megaladon helps us show you guys how big of an impact social media can have.)

We’re done rambling. Here’s your Facebook crash course in 3, 2…

1, GO!

Picture1With over one billion users, Facebook is by far the most popular social media outlet today. People of all ages and across all demographics use Facebook, and as a result of this, this becomes a vital marketing tool for your company. Whether you are trying to market your business to young Americans or middle aged Europeans, Facebook has the ability to do it all. Any company with an active Facebook profile will have an advantage over its competition.

Having an active profile on Facebook is a lot easier than it sounds. There are a few simple actions to take that can you set your business apart from other companies.


It is important to make sure that you are consistently sharing posts on your page from big clients or from pages that your followers would like. You know your business best, anything that further promotes the services your company offers should be shared.


Another way to keep your profile on Facebook active is by maintaining a blog. If you have a blog that is being updated regularly, you can publish a link to new articles on your Facebook page which will bring maximum exposure.


A final way to increase your brand through Facebook is by boosting your posts. You can pay a small fee (usually $10 or less), and your post will be seen by Facebook pages in a similar field to you, even if they don’t follow you. These simple steps can improve your company’s online reputation exponentially.

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