Alright, people, social media is nothing to be afraid of. It’s constantly a learn-as-you-go process, and it’s always changing. Even us at Chakra are always reading and learning to see the newest and best ways to use social media–after all, it is our job. But for a business owner like yourself, it can be difficult (you’re running a business, duh!) That’s why we’ll be having a five part crash course for the hottest social media platforms. To kick us off, we’ve got the Megalodon of platforms: Twitter.

Picture1Twitter is growing rapidly and has roughly 320 million users. Many of these users are millennials, and an increasing number of young people have begun to turn away from Facebook and started using Twitter. If your company is looking to market itself to a younger audience, then Twitter is the place to be.

Engage & Interact

There are a variety of different methods to use to increase your company’s Twitter profile. The easiest and most effective, is to interact with companies similar to yourself. Whether this is replying to their tweets, liking their tweets, or even retweeting their tweets, it is important for your page to be active.

Use Hashtags

What is also important, is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are linkable, which means if you hashtag “marketing” in one of your tweets, anybody who clicks on the hashtag “marketing” will see your tweet.

Boost, Boost, Boost!

A final way to get your company’s Twitter page more popular is to boost your posts. This is a service available with Facebook and LinkedIn as well, and the purpose of it is to make your tweets seen by more people. You pay a small fee (usually no more than $10 based on the amount of people you want the Tweet to be seen by) which allows your tweet to be shown on other people’s pages even if they don’t follow you. This is a very simple and inexpensive method to gain more exposure and is guaranteed to bring more potential clients to your page.

If you have any questions about how businesses can market themselves on Twitter, contact Chakra today! We offer a variety of different social media services including managing our clients full social media initiatives for them.