“We no more use technology, we live it”

This quote is never more true when it comes to using mobile applications. With the introduction of the Android and iOs operating systems, a whole new world of marketing has been created. Infact, 2015 was the first year to prove that, mobile users have offically taken over desktop users. It has been estimated that by 2017 almost 50 % of all online transactions will be via mobile apps.From fitness to food, travel to relaxation, apps are available for almost everything these days.

If you think mobile apps are just for big name brands, you’re wrong. More and more small and mid-size businesses are embracing mobiles as an integral part of their marketing strategy. Below are a few benefits:

  1. Visible to the customers at all times
    Mobile applications have successfully become an essential part of our daily lives and on an average we end up spending 30 hours per month surfing through them.
  2. Information provided at their finger tips
    Patience and spare time are long lost virtues today.In the generation of smartphones, it has become effortless to reach our daily needs at the touch of a button via the numerous applications available.
  3. Brand recognition
    Think of your mobile app as an ever-changing, blank billboard space. Use this platform as a way to advervise and stay on top of your customers mind. The more you get customers involved in your app, the sooner and more often they’ll use your service.
  4. Customer Loyalty
    The last and most important reason you should consider developing an app for your business is customer loyalty. With all of the advertising noise out there, it’s easy to slowly lose our impact on our customers. A mobile app is a personal way to connect with your loyal customers, being just a “finger tip away” at all times.Are you ready to go mobile.

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