Let’s face it. Ordering things isn’t fun. And worrying about accuracy, product specifications, quality, inventory, timeliness and shipping really isn’t fun. Not to mention getting yelled at for not having important marketing materials delivered on time. Do you ever wish that someone could just do it all for you? That there was one place you could go to for everything with no hassle at all? Imagine how much time you would save. Think of all the Westworld you could be watching… 

Or, maybe, how much business you could tend to.

For real, though. This actually exists. At least at Chakra it does.

Think of us as your central hub for time-consuming orders, big or small, that you just don’t feel like dealing with. Chakra’s OrderStream service is a platform that allows you to order and approve all your marketing materials. From stationary and corporate merchandise to corporate collateral and digital assets, all under one roof—our roof. 

So what is OrderStream?

It’s our cloud-based service that incorporates online ordering, production, fulfillment and delivery for your business. With OrderStream, you have complete control over the order and fulfillment workflow, invoicing and reporting, and, wait for it – we’ll deliver everything to you personally.

So how does it help me?

Right. Isn’t it a pain when you’re working with tons of different companies, making phone calls, sending emails or constantly checking online for brand consistency, shipment info, and all the other problems that miraculously appear?

Yes. Yes, it is.

We thought you’d say that. Well, OrderStream eliminates those issues and many more. It ensures brand consistency, accurate inventory management, just-in-time production, streamlined invoicing and robust reporting. 

“We chose Chakra because of their dedicated production staff and knowledgeable sales team. Chakra’s employees are accessible to contact and are always able to help meet our needs. It’s been a pleasure working with everyone at Chakra, and we look forward to a continued, successful relationship.”

– Josh Paufler, Roberts Gordon

We don’t have robots running our businesses. Yet. 

Don’t waste time worrying about orders and shipments.

Contact us about OrderStream today.

716-505-7300 Ask for Doug Kern.  customerservice@chakracentral.com