You work hard to drive traffic to your site. But once you have them, are you sending them down dead-end streets? Effective website content gently guides visitors towards new pages and next steps.

Here are some one-way paths that are probably on your site right now causing a captured audience to leave. Use these detours to steer them back in the right direction.

1.  Dead End –  Product and Service Pages:
Surprisingly, most websites have services pages that just stop with no call to action. The user is on the page describing your product or services… this would be one of the worst places to lose them.

Give users a “call to action” at the bottom of your service pages by offering to answer questions or encouraging a conversation.  Add links to samples of work or to compelling testimonials that support that service.

2.  Dead End –  Search “No Result” Page:
Most sites have a search tool, but what happens when visitors don’t find what they’re looking for?  Too often you’ll find a blank page with two disappointing words, “no results.”

Keep your users interested and capture back their attention.  Below are some ways that you can keep your visitors engaged:

“Did you mean…?”
“Popular Categories”
“Search Suggestions”

3.  Dead End – E-commerce Checkout ‘Thank You’ Page:
Would you like to create an account, or checkout as a guest? That’s a no-brainer to most customers, they will almost always check out as a guest if there is no perceived benefit.

Once you’ve captured the sale, give your customer some incentive to create an account. Communicate the benefits:  “Save your order history and billing information for faster checkout next time.”

One of the main goals when developing a website architecture should be to keep your visitors moving through paths that drive a call to action. Chakra’s web experts can help you find the places where the flow stops and then add the detours.