The Custom Welding and Fabrication division of Mollenberg-Betz launched a new logo design and website, designed and developed by Chakra.

The objective was to create a visual identity that reflected the services expertise of the Custom Welding and Fabrication division while taking into consideration the existing Mollenberg-Betz brand. The initiative produced a new logo design and overall brand guidelines to drive the website redesign efforts.

Working collaboratively with the Mollenberg-Betz team, we created a fresh look and feel for the brand and a more intuitive user experience through an easy-to-navigate website. The site is built with responsive design, which is a flexible approach to website layout, fonts and images that adapt to different screens on different devices.




Client Response

We went into our project with Chakra hoping to get a good product that we could rely on as the standard for our growing business. The thing that I was most impressed with was how they catered to what worked for US not just what their model was. The result was a great product for our growing business but also a growing relationship in the future. What Chakra received was a loyal customer. Thanks to all involved!

Client Response

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