Meet Lindsay, manager of Chakra’s Creative Services! Originally from Lewiston NY and a proud graduate of Syracuse University, Lindsay brings extensive knowledge and experience in brand development, marketing, website and interactive design, print design and social media management. To learn more about Lindsay, and who she is outside of Chakra, keep reading!

Growing up, did you see yourself working in this field, and if not, what did you want to do? I always knew I wanted to do this! I was the kid who doodled all over everything and the high schooler who filled every free period with another art class. There was really nothing else I ever wanted to be (expect for maybe an astronaut.)

What is something that you’re passionate about? Country Music! We were just in Nashville this spring and got to walk on the Opry stage, how cool is that?

What’s your favorite quote? “Creativity is a wild mild and a disciplined eye” – Dorothy Parker

What’s your favorite part of your job? Working on the Maid of the Mist! I did this all through high school and met people from all over the world. When it got too hot, we just jumped on the boat. Not to mention the views were spectacular!

What is your most prized possession? My bear! Chewi, a Golden-Chow mix who adopted us 4 years ago. He’s snuggly, cuddly: everything you’d expect with a nick-name like, “bear.”Lindsay Country12410556_10156327078195542_7886777002513668494_nLindsay Chewy