Irrespective of the sudden surge in modern forms of marketing, direct mail remains one the most powerful, inexpensive and easiest ways to communicate with target audiences. This business strategy has been popular for over a century now and for good reason! Unlike some of the alternative modern marketing techniques, it has the potential to target prospective clients of all age groups and 70% of people who receive direct mail feel that it’s more personal than the digital advertising approach.

On average, direct mail constitutes 14% of a company’s total advertising budget. With a 4.5% increase in revenue attributed to the direct mail sector from 2014 to 2015, it has been proven that this method of marketing continues to be relevant.

Below are some key benefits of direct mail marketing:

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Realizing that direct mail projects often give our clients only one chance to impress their audience, Chakra will help you put your best foot forward and avoid common mistakes of direct mail campaigns. We understand the process and components of a successful campaign and will guide you every step of the way from design, to printing techniques to fulfillment and delivery.

Our team is dedicated to helping clients’ understand their customers’ needs by targeting areas that they require assistance with. Drive your marketing efforts forward with our direct mail services and contact us today!

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