In an increasingly paperless world, digital communication is becoming increasingly prevalent. Digital marketing has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, with a projected global growth of 5.1% annually until 2019, meaning companies will spend up to $2.1 trillion in digital advertising alone. A quickly developing component of digital marketing is digital signage. It is becoming one of the most popular methods of digital advertising and provides great flexibility through day parting, cloud-based content management and interactivity. Digital signage platforms have applicability in a wide variety of environments and can increase revenues when used as a tool to interact with customers.

For a greater, in depth look at Chakra’s digital signage platform, take a look below:


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As a marketing solutions company, Chakra is fluent in the art and technology of digital signage. After we conduct a needs-based analysis, we make detailed recommendations and present a thorough implementation plan. We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions which include industrial strength displays, software, installation and maintenance. Chakra recently provided digital signage  at Delaware North’s Global Summit where we provided portable kiosks. If you’re ready to expand your business through digital signage, contact one of Chakra’s experts today!

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