We’re very proud of the work we’ve done for Salvatore’s Grand Hotel and its in-house restaurant, Russell’s Steaks, creating a site that integrates both the hotel and restaurant without having one overshadow the other. In addition, our design team has improved the responsiveness of the site, as well as its aesthetics.

Russell Salvatore’s hotel and restaurant offers various services and uses of its facilities, ranging from weddings to corporate meetings. We were able to incorporate all of this information seamlessly into their website, and organize it in a way that maximizes ease of use for the consumer in finding the right options online. With just a few clicks, you can access everything the business has to offer.





Client Response

After Being in Business for 5 years it was no secret technology was changing faster than we were. That said we inquired with our design team at Chakra Communications on improving our website compatibility with mobile devices. Well this inquiry turned into a complete evaluation of our site and their cost effective recommendations now have us looking like a 2014 company. Their integration/migrations were seamless and they were patient with our content loading. Our new site has garnered rave reviews and my only regret is that I did not get the experts at Chakra involved sooner.

– Mark Jerge, General Manager

Services Provided

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