For the past four years, Chakra Communications has been working alongside Rizzoli International, an eminent publishing house known for its high quality and outstanding illustrations. Universe Imprint was added to this publishing firm in 1990, introducing, popular genres of literary communication ranging from humour to beauty, fashion to interior designing, alternative lifestyles and others.

Calendars are extremely crucial for planning monthly work schedules, daily home routine, keeping track of our personal health and hygiene or a holiday retreats. Over the years Universe calendars have found their place on walls, on office desks, kids’ rooms and have become quite attractive along with serving their purpose. Along with unique graphics and reliability, these Universe calendars demonstrate a tinge of modernisation. Chakra, with its ability to instantly adjust to new developments and latest trends has remained an integral part of the printing and production of the Universe yearly calendar. Our Design and Production Team strongly believes that commitment to our product quality comes second to the commitment to our clients.

The highly skilled and forward thinking team at Chakra Communications can help assist your business with all your print and production needs. Our continued partnership with exceptionally reputed companies like Rizzoli International makes our team’s hard work and dedication an obvious characteristic of our work culture and ethic.

For superior quality products and reliable services reach out to our Design and Production Team at Chakra Communications, Inc.

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