This month Chakra Communications collaborated with our partners at Empire Digital Signs to provide the Democratic National Committee with its Live Audience Response System. The platform (pictured above) helped drive the party’s Platform Committee Hearing on July 8 and 9 in Orlando, FL.

The system allowed committee members to place their vote via an interactive keypad that displayed real time results. The votes taken via the system determined what should be included in the Democratic Party’s platform in the 2016 Democratic National Convention starting today in Philadelphia.

“The reliability and accuracy of the system was the most important function to the committee, so it was our main priority,” said Wayne Didas, owner of Empire Digital Signs. “At one point during the hearing, a specific amendment was decided based on just one single vote. That’s how reliable our system needed to be and it was. It was a proud moment for our team to be a play even a small part in this election season.”

“We were honored that our partners at Empire Digital reached out to us to integrate a unique solution for this event.  The collaboration between our teams provides all our clients with a unique blend of creative and technical expertise,” stated Scott Wessel, Manager of Digital Services at Chakra Communications. “We have always focused on finding the right solution, for the right client, at the right time.  We could not be more proud of how flawlessly the system worked. It was an exciting opportunity to be able to play even a small role in our nation’s election process.

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