Addison-HVAC, an international manufacturer and specialist in outdoor air and geothermal applications, presented our team with an incredible marketing opportunity for an upcoming trade show. Addison’s product range encompasses heating, cooling and dehumidification systems dedicated to outside air units.
Working closely with the team at Addison HVAC, Chakra produced 4 large display towers, promotional handouts as well as table tents to set up the booth at ARHExpo trade show. The four display towers proved to be such a success at the show, that Addison HVAC then showcased them at an open house, attended by 200 people. Chakra’s marketing solution experts are dedicated to planning and implementing marketing strategies to help generate new sales leads for our clients.

Client Response

“Our whole team here at Addison was extremely happy with the trade show materials the team at Chakra produced. Our VP of Sales has already recommended them to our other companies. Nice work!”

Services Provided

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